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Progress on the sand castles #TPC #AtOurChurchWeBuildSandcastles

The Boss Is Away And [SIGN] #KalkBay #DP365

The Boss Is Away And [SIGN] #KalkBay #DP365

Sign in Afrikaans, which translates, “The boss is away and the price is right”.

Basically, “don’t even think of negotiating price; it is what it is”

Love South Africa! Love Kalk Bay! Love Cape Town!

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On Blogging, After Blogging For Years

Blogging has taught me that even the imperfect can make a difference. this post is a brief reflection and reminder of blogging…

On Blogging, After Blogging For Years

On Blogging, After Blogging For Years

“On blogging, after blogging for years”. I never thought I’d utter these words. Not because I thought it impossible, it was never a possibility in sight. I’ve always felt like I had something to say. I wanted to say it to myself and needed a means to process. Enter writing, hello blogging.


As I interacted with friends, peers and other growing leaders, I realised that I didn’t grapple with most…

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Restoring An Appreciation For The Familiar

Restoring An Appreciation For The Familiar

How’s that for restoring an appreciation for the familiar? A brialliant video. Ripping off Apple, while effectively restoring appreciation for a catalogue! Well thought out and executed.

Some things don’t detroriate in value. Their value is lost in perspective. it is how you help people see the worth of your productor mission that…

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Sometimes I Wish We All Weren’t So “Christian”

Sometimes I Wish We All Weren’t So “Christian” // guest post by @wendyvaneyck

This is a guest post by Wendy van Eyck

I sometimes struggle to talk to people who believe in Jesus.

Sometimes I wish my friends didn’t sound so Christian. Sometimes I wish they’d tell me how they feel instead of telling me what they think I want to hear.

I find it hard because I don’t always feel like we can have a conversation about really matters to them.

Often it feels like we are all trying…

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