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Checked Or Unchecked Chaos; Leaders Get To Choose

Checked Or Unchecked Chaos; Leaders Get To Choose

When it comes to leadership, tranquil is as common as unicorns. If there’s no unrest in leading you’re either delusional, doing it wrong or both. Leading involves unrest and frustration. Unrest with the status quo and a frustration to realise an unseen future.

Addressing the status quo in pursuit of mission is messy. Chaos is guarantee to result as comfort of the present is rejectedin pursuit of…

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Train Ride

One of the most used modes of public transport in Cape Town is the train. This is one of the views some typical locals see just about everyday.

A fairly safe and affordable way to get about…

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The Danger Of Being Blind To Environmental Factors

The Danger Of Being Blind To Environmental Factors

This (2014) winter is probably the cheapest winter for me. Most of our money in the last six winters went to doctor visits and drugs (prescription, of course). Living in Johannesburg I was so prone to throat infections that were often difficult to shake without antibiotics.

At the end of July (winter in our part of the world) I just realised I hadn’t visited the because of an ailment doctor once.

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Talking About Nuthin’

Talking About Nuthin’

I’m a fan of Lecrae’s music. He has a new album, Anomaly, dropping soon. “Nuthin” is one of the songs on the album but has been released as a single. He’s done what no Christ following artist has done in terms of speaking to both the world and Christ follower. By the world in Lecrae’s context, I mean hip hop culture (I’m not saying…

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Steeple Flare

In Stellenbosch the old blended with the new. This is a steeple at a church in one of the oldest buildings in this Western Cape, (South Africa) town.

The old beautifies the new. The character and heritage of a town or surround doesn’t have to be compromised in bringing in the new.

Facilitating progress is not to about destroying beauty that may be in the past; it is about embellishing it.


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Started a Blog! So now I Am Blogging as well :-)


I am excited that I finally started a blog - a professional one that is. Always have been blogging personally about my experiences, but this shares some insights on content management, and online marketing. And of course over @CapeTown as curator. So find me here: 



Really Listening; Undermined Skill

Really Listening; Undermined Skill

I listened to University of Cape Town debate. I noticed and was reminded of something key in life, leading and communication general.

To effectively engage people you must understand what is meant beyond what is said. You have to listen well to respond well.

Leadership is impossible if you don’t understand the problems. This means listening, not just waiting for the other person to finish…

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Keeping Self Talk In Mind

Keeping Self Talk In Mind

You’re the greatest influence on yourself. One of ways to prove this is how siblings, leaders and people in general,  can be exposed to the exact circumstance and some flourish while others buckle. Just like me, there are a lot of things you tell yourself.

Some things you’ve told yourselfenough times to start believing regardless of their veracity. What I tell myself directly affects my attitude…

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What Having A Big Budget Doesn’t Guarantee

What Having A Big Budget Doesn’t Guarantee

I just watched a movie, which clearly had a huge budget. The cast: star-studded. I’m talking many award actors. Huge film companies backing. And, it was a colossal fail.

Before watching it, I wondered why I hadn’t heard anyone talk about the movie. Having the size budget (huge) they had didn’t make them immune to creating a glossy dud.

What Having A Big Budget Doesnt Guarantee

Even the most successful (however you define success) can…

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