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Hellos That Change Destinies

Hellos That Change Destinies

Ingrid and I enjoy Our friends’ (Keke and Snowey’s) company. I was just thinking about how a simple “hello” can alter the trajectory of your life.

I said “hello” to Ingrid in 2008 and I never imagined six years later we’d be married.

With Keke and Snowey; I met them both separately and introduced them for a project we worked on for three years. They’re now married and have a little baby.


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View Of Table Mountain From Company Gardens

View Of Table Mountain From Company Gardens

Table mountain is like the North Star for Cape Town. It seems, at least to me, that every second Cape Tonian works out where they are based on the mountain.

Kinda makes sense that Cape Town is almost synonymous with Table Mountain.

We all see ourselves in in relation to something or someone. Out of ourselves…

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Two Key Differentiators For Success Of Any Enterprise

Two Key Differentiators For Success Of Any Enterprise #leadership

There are many enterprises with similar missions. Those missions expressed differently but still the same. The reason you have many restaurants, making similar food, for instance, is that there are equally many people who love the same food done somewhat differently.

key differentiators for success of enterprise

The existence of many organisations is evidence there are many people who need to be served. Not only that, people want to be…

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Truth Coffee

Being fairly new to Cape Town many insisted I pay a visit to Truth Coffee, the coffee shop in town…

A quirky (and very hipster) coffee shop. It’s not one place I’d wake up amped to revisit. Not my style.

Truth Coffee roast and distribute their coffee. Their coffee is great. I love their coffee more than their space.

A little more about my experience of
Cape Town

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St Paul’s [Photo]

St Paul’s [Photo]

St Paul’s Church building in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Among many old yet majestic buildings in Cape Town are old Church buildings. Beautiful.

They were made with love to endure. A look at this building says everyone wanted to make something they would be proud of.

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You’re A Conformist And So Am I

You’re A Conformist And So Am I

There are people who believe and live as if they’re. Conformists I mean. They are very aware of how others are confirming; selling out. How those people settle into a mold. The justification is just as relevant as fact that they are conformists.

The thing is, you’re a conformist. You’re settling into a mold. One of the reasons you may not see yourselfas one who conforms is because you’re not…

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Cape Town In Frame

New |”Cape Town In Frame” photoblog series cc @CapeTown #CapeTown #loveCapeTown

I’m privileged to be in Cape Town; one of the most beautiful cities, ever. There are more museums and blatant history that I’m more aware of than any city I’ve ever lived in.

Note I said city. This is because I’ve been to many towns in Southern Africa that reeked with history. Everything about them was / is historical. Ingrid and I love some history and sight-seeing.

One of the things we enjoy…

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What If I Let You Tweet Or Blog As Me?

What If I Let You Tweet Or Blog As Me?

A weird thought I just had (I know you get those from time to time as well). What if I let someone tweet it blog on my behalf, as if they were me.

It might reveal how well the person knows me. It could also reveal how they think I see myself. It might be an interesting way to see myself through someone else’s lenses.

How others see me, especially those I work closely with, can be useful for…

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Self: The Beginning Of Leaders’ Decline In Influence

Self: The Beginning Of Leaders’ Decline In Influence

The longevity of leaders and enterprises varies from one to another. Likewise there are varied reasons and contexts for this. Some things are obvious and some not so much. However, there are some things that can translate across variables.

One of those things are leaders. Leaders’ influencecan wane. No matter how great a leader is or has been, he is never immune from losing his influence. This…

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