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The Haunting Of Character

The Haunting Of Character

I haven’t been following the Oscar Pistorius trial till last week. I’ve looked at the headlines of papers. Listening to some highlights last week not only gave me a glimpse into the South African court system but also got me thinking about character…

The talk about character being critical for life and leadership is not new…

Before I move on, this is notabout Oscar being guilty or not, it is just…

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Demystifying Patience And Or Perseverance

Demystifying Patience And Or Perseverance

Some things are perfected in and through time. There’s the dynamic of patience and perseverance that must be factored into any significant work.

Leaders that will build great and significant things; the things that matter, are those who appreciate in planning and action that it will take time.

When setting goals be kind to yourself and realistic with time. Sometimes things do get a life of their…

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Some things are just perfect; they need no embellishment. Sometimes it happens we don’t need much effort.

At other times a lot of work to make things “perfect” is what is needed. The challenge, at other times, is knowing when to stop. To cease from embellishing, whatever that is.

There are also instances where all we need is realize the perfect in what already is. With that appreciation we make…

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Reset For Productivity

My present roles has me doing hard resets at a seeming jarring rate. (I’m loving it!)

The challenge is flipping between abstract / conceptual / “artistic” to concrete and tangible on varied and numerous projects all at the same time.

This has forced me to pay attention to what I need to do to “stay in the game” in all aspects of the scope of my responsibilities.

I discover that the walks I…

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The Fine Line Between Cautious And Cowardly

The Fine Line Between Cautious And Cowardly

Let’s face it, you have and know another dozen people who’ve played the “cautious card” when they were actually just being downright cowardly. This has to do with taking action in the face of either a possibility or well-nurtured fears.

Some “concerns” have merit. Some have weight because they’ve been inferred greater credit than they actually deserve. Caution has to do with taking care, making…

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Tucked Away [#DP365]

Haven’t seen one go these in a long time…. Published via Pressgram

Tucked Away [#DP365]

Haven’t seen one go these in a long time…. Published via Pressgram

Values; The Guardrails and Oxygen

Values; The Guardrails and Oxygen

Clearly defined and communicated values steer focus. Values don’t just speak into the identity of enterprises, but also the activity and resource allocation.

Values dictate not only where you need to go but also where not to go. They tell us it is fine not to act or be a particular way. They are the things that uniquely differentiate enterprises that endeavor to ‘produce’ similar ‘products’.


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Mostly Sunny [#DP365]

Lovely day. Clear blue sky and, very warm…

When opportunities like a beautiful day show up make the most of them. ;-)

Lovely :-)

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